Online Resources

Whether a student is looking toward higher education, a career, or a future in the military, these resources are a great place to start.

Career One Stop

Assessments can help you choose a good career fit

Thinking about a career in the United States military? Explore careers here!

Big Future College Board

Search here for over 2,000 colleges and universities by location, major and more.

Federal Student Aid

Information on understanding and filing out the FASFA application.

Test Prep

Free ACT Test Prep

Free PSAT Test Prep

Cody High School


Located in the Guidance Office.

Contact Abby Resch, Career Center Coordinator for assistance 1-307-587-3603

How can the Career Center help?

Help students identify and assess areas of skill and interest to explore careers and educational experiences.

Provide assistance and resources for students looking to secure financial aid, scholarships, and other funding for post-graduation education, and vocational and employment opportunities.

Connect students in person or online with colleges, universities, military recruiters, technical and trade schools, and employers. 

Help students with educational, career, and financial aid applications, student resumes, personal statements, volunteer service opportunities, and more.

Offer test preparation resources and assistance for the ACT, PSAT, AP, and other tests.