NEW CLASSES from Northwest College for CHS Students!!

Please come see Mrs. Munari if you are interested in taking any of these classes for next fall. 

To qualify for any of these a student must have at least a GPA of 3.5 for Juniors and a 3.0 for Seniors.  Some of these courses are in the planning stages and we will have more information in the coming weeks.

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA): 16 years old requirement.  Only offered in a hybrid format in which students take the didactic piece online and then come face to face for a lab (16 hours in the evenings)  at the NWC Cody Center (above the library) and the Cody Regional Long Term Care unit for their clinical time (30 clock hours). This class can pair with Medical Terminology (HLTK 1200) for a NWC Nursing Assistant Skills Certificate.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-Basic): 18 years old (no high school diploma required). There is a EMT Basic (EMT 1500) offered this fall.  It is a hybrid model (as are all our health professions classes in Cody) where students take coursework online and come to the lab at the NWC Cody Center for labs that are face-to-face Tuesday evenings.  Students will take a certification exam and test for their state and national license by the end of the course.  They can go to work as a Basic EMT when successfully licensed.  There are no other courses required before or during to get their EMT license. There is also an EMT Advanced (EMT 2500) course to follow the basic course in October.  Same model, labs, test for licensure, and work possibilities.  The difference is the higher level of skills that are learned in this course.  The EMT Basic course is a pre-requisite for the EMT Advanced.  If students wait until the spring, they will have the option to take the EMT 2650 Zero to Hero course where they begin in January with nothing and end up in May with the EMT-Advanced.  Again, a hybrid model, face-to-face labs in the evening at the Cody Center, licensure when complete.  All EMT courses have field time (face to face hours in the ambulance or ER)  that can be scheduled around the student.   

Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) 2: Have H/S diploma or within 12 months of obtaining H/S diploma.  High school Seniors would be qualified for this program. This is on the schedule this fall as MEDA 1600.  This is a hybrid model where students learn online and come to the NWC Cody Center for face-to-face labs (typically one evening a week).  Clinical time is in the area's clinics and scheduled alongside the instructor and clinic staff.  When students finish this course, they have a National Health Association certification that indicates they are ready to work in a clinic in the back office, working with providers and patients.  The second course is offered in the spring (MEDA 1505).  Again, the hybrid model, and face-to-face labs in the NWC Cody Center and a National Health Association certification that shows their proficiency to work in the front office (billing, filing, banking, etc.) Medical terminology is not required for this certificate, but very helpful.  If students are wanting to scaffold off of what they've already taken or may have time to take next year, here is a map that may give them some good ideas:

Phlebotomy :  Have H/S diploma or within 12 months of obtaining H/S diploma. High school Seniors would be qualified for this program.  This class is on the schedule for this fall.  It is MEDA 1800.  It is offered in the hybrid model, with labs at the NWC Cody Center (typically in the evenings) and some lab time in the local labs to gain patient venipuncture proficiency.  The clinical schedule would be coordinated with the instructor and labs (similar to CMA).  Students have a certification from the National Health Association when they are done and read to go to work.