Emmy Awards

The Emmy organization has nominated five projects from Cody High School for Student Production Awards, across five different categories.

The nomination means that we are one of the top video productions in the Northwest Region of the United States, beating out high school students from Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. 

This is the highest honor for high school media production, which is a increasingly competitive due to the nonstop-increasing demand for these skills across all sectors of all societal industry, internationally.

All nominees receive official Emmy certificates (they will be mailed sometime between now and Summer) and the regional winner will be announced May 31, online. Those winners will receive the nomination for the national competition, against the other six US regions, and will receive a crystal statue. 

Congratulations to all of our Broncs and Fillies for representing us exceedingly well - you guys should be very proud!

Here is the full list of regional nominations:

And here are the glorious media producers and their amazing work! ...

Jarom Beardall, Christian Dudrick, Tyler Kampbell 


Magazine Show Category

"Episode 1, CHS Wired 2023, Fall"

Contreras (Cinematography), Elijah Cook (Editor and Producer) and Cohn Junker (Editor and Producer)  

Serious News Category

"Mens' Mental Health"

Seamus Hopkins

Editor and Producer

Editorial Category

"Breakin' the Law"

Casper Thoma (3D Animation, Producing) and Duncan Couch (Sound, Acting)


"Phantom Fighter"

Kali Merrit, Brenna Foote, Molly Buckles

Producers, Editors, Cinematography

Sports Story Category

"Fillies Volleyball 2023"