Naviance Homeroom

The portal for students to begin selecting their classes for next year open today. Mr. Tedjeske has listed these instructions as they begin entering in the classes they wish to take.

  • When students log in and see their 4 year plan, there will be several red classes. Those need to be removed by clicking the garbage can in that class's box. Those were kept so students could see what they’ve selected in the past.

  • When students are selecting courses that have both semester and year long options, they must select both the A and B for the year long so they get both sections of the course.

  • Remind the students that if they select all year long courses or all semester courses, it is likely that they won’t get exactly what they want.

  • When students are selecting alternates, those courses should be different than ones they selected as their first choice.

  • Any student that intends to play a sport next year should select Athletic Prep as one of their courses. Any student intending to be in Drama should select Activity Prep: Theatre.

  • TA, Office Assistant, Work Study, and Internship are not selectable in Naviance. If a student wants any of those courses, they will need to speak with their counselor to get the correct paperwork and permissions.

  • Students taking either POD can only sign up for the POD classes if they are in that grade level. There are POD sections for sophomores and juniors. If a student does want to take the POD, they need to select all three associated sections

    • 10th Grade: Bio, Eng 10, Bus Mtg

    • 11th Grade: Western Lit, Bio 2, Life Sports

    Forecasting will start today, but students have until Friday to complete their plan in Naviance. This is intended to give them time to talk to their parents or the counselors if they have questions.

Please click on this link to find the Forecasting Sheets and Course Catalog for further information to help with this process: