Being on time to School is the New Cool - Policy on Tardies / Absences

We want to make sure that all students and staff are aware of what qualifies as a tardy and what is an absence in a class. 
If you are 10 minutes or less to class that qualifies as a TARDY.
If you are 11 minutes or more late to class that is an ABSENCE and it does require a parent to call to excuse you from missing that classroom time.


Tardy Detentions: Tardies accumulate by the trimester. Every 5 (five) tardies will result in 1 (one) after school detention or lunch assignment. Students will also be subject to each individual teacher's classroom policy in addition to the attendance office general policy. If a teacher determines a student to be excessively

tardy throughout the trimester they should refer the student to administration with proper documentation of interventions for additional support.

Truancy/Unexcused Absence: Unexcused absences or truancy will result in a minimum discipline - lunch detention / ASD; After School Detention / EFS Extended Friday School Assignment. Truant violations are totaled for the entire year, not split into trimesters.